4 Easy Trash Talk Lines To Win Your Next Match

Most of us play some sort of match out there with our buddies on the weekends. Part of the fun is throwing verbal punches at your partners, because most likely you're playing for a few bucks. If you’d like to swing a few more of those free beers or lunches your way, you may want to consider implementing some trash talk. Below are 4 quick trash talk lines that will get under your buddies' skin, make everyone laugh and tip the scale in your favor.

CAUTION: Use these with a buddy who has a good enough sense of humor. In this instance the magic of trash talk should make everyone laugh. 

1 - "You're not good enough to be that mad”

In this case, your opponent is a good friend, expects too much of himself and is already bursting with anger. Hit him with some truth and get under his skin a bit. Honestly, your probably doing them a favor in long run — It doesn’t help to play golf angry.

For now, however, you can make a few bucks out of it.

2 - “Swing hard in case you hit it.”

Nothing messes with a golfer more than getting in his head before he hits his next shot. It’s a sure fire way to really mess them up.

This quick line does two things:

1.) Gets them wondering if they are actually going to make good contact.

2.) Puts the thought in their head to swing hard — the opposite of what we really need to be doing.

The ideal outcome: He swings hard, misses and everyone gets a good laugh out of it. 

Image result for phil mickelson trash talk

The king of golf trash talk - Phil Mickelson

3 - “You hit 3 wood right?”

“Drive for show and putt for dough.” That’s the saying right? It may be true, but nothing gets a golfer feeling like a PGA TOUR pro than after they crush a drive.

Your buddy is feeling good about his last “bomb.” Now is the opportune time to ask him if he hit three wood when you get to his ball. This mind game really lands when he tells you “I hit driver.” 

Want to really make the joke land? Respond with:

“O, I would have sworn you hit 3 wood, figured your driver went a lot further than that.”

4 - “Nice putt”

Your playing partner just skims one across the grass with his tee shot, and it just keeps rolling. He’s embarrassed, and now is the perfect opportunity to crush any bit of pride he has left. 

Politely say “Nice Putt” and walk away.


When it comes down to it, getting out with the boys for a round on the weekend is something you look forward too all week. There’s nothing like giving each other some shit during the round so let’s make it count. Just make sure they have a sense of humor about it — no one needs a 9 iron to the skull. 

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