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You're a golfer. You are, therefore, a boring geriatric who wears goofy pants. Or are you? Contrary to the stereotypes, golfers range in age, interest, and the manner which they play and enjoy their time on the course. We have broken you links lovers into seven types of golfers. Which are you?

The Patriotic Golfer

Do you live and breathe red, white and blue? I bet you're a golfer who loves his flag golf accessories - head covers, hats, golf shoes. So, what do you, American golfer not have? A golf inspired American flag t-shirt. The Flag Tee from Weekend Warrior Golf celebrates the stars and stripes … with a dose of golf.

The American Flag Tee

The Fun-Loving Golfer – “Beer anyone?”

You generally have a weekend foursome with buddies, and while the competition may be intense, the camaraderie and the laughs are just as important. You must have some adult beverages loaded in your carts (we know it helps you play better). And guaranteed that when you get home right before dinner, you drop into a contented snore on the couch.

We celebrate these men of the game with Golf’s P.E.D. t-shirt - designed for the golfer who just wants to have some beers and fun with his friends.

Golf's P.E.D. Tee

The Music Loving Golfer

It doesn’t matter which genre, you need a bluetooth speaker with you for every round. Music on the golf course is the fastest growing trend, even for guys on the PGA Tour when they’re playing at home. The music relaxes them – no grinding – they just relax and enjoy.

We introduce to you the Golf & Music Tee, combining your two loves.

Golf & Music Tee

The Fan Boy Golfer

If you're like me, you're rooting for your favorite player every week. While I love Rickie Fowler, you may be rooting for Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson, Tiger, or Phil.

Well now it’s easy to really fan boy out with their favorite players – our Fanwear Collection.

The New Dad Golfer

You've recently grown your family, and there is constant chatter on how your newborn will be the next Jordan Spieth or Michelle Wie. And while your wife may roll her eyes at your lofty goals, you can’t wait to see your youngster take to the links for the very first time

Well you don’t have to wait! We’ve created the cutest matching Father/Child t-shirt sets that will have any golfing dad excited the start them young.

Father/Child Matching Sets

The Historian Golfer

This is most likely a golfer who would describe their age with the suffix -generian, and a lover of golf history. Given the opportunity, you will go on for hours on how the Old Course at St. Andrews developed, how Donald Ross trekked over from Scotland to design the greatest early courses in America, and the heroic story of how Ben Hogan returned from a near fatal car crash to reclaim his throne as the greatest golfer of his era.

You cherish the history of the game, and we celebrate them with our designs, including the Hogan and Nicklaus Tees, sure to become favorites of those who remember the golden days of golf. These are produced with 100% cotton shirts, just like the good ol' days.

The Ben Hogan Tee



The ALL OUT Golfer

The ALL OUT golfer is all of the above … combined! You are obsessed with anything golf. Every weekend is spent watching the PGA Tour, putting on the carpet, reading Golf Digest, and getting your hands on the latest in golf instruction.

This is why I created Weekend Warrior Golf. To feed the passion and obsession of those golf crazed individuals who just can get enough.

Tiger - In Your Life Tee

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