If you’re a public course player, this holds especially true for you. 

It’s Saturday, you have an 11:27 tee time with three buddies at your local course. Friend 1 has the beers, friend 2 the cigars. You tie it together with the bottle opener, cigar cutter, lighter - you’ve got the tools. But your fourth? He’s got the kicker: MUSIC.

Ampcaddy is a bluetooth speaker designed for golf carts and golf bags. It is one of many new bluetooth speaker products on the market designed specifically for golfers.

MUSIC: the biggest trend at courses nationwide. Your buddy comes prepared with a fully charged Bluetooth speaker and the beats start flying.

It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to rap, country, rock, acoustic, or jazz. Golfers are bringing music to the course as a way to infuse some fun, keep it light, and not take the round too seriously. The music trend meshes with the modern, casual dress that more and more golfers are embracing. Bumping speakers, untucked polos, flat brim hats, athletic golf shoes – they are all becoming staples at public courses.

The great Al Czervik dancing with his great friend "Wang" (not pictured)

If my knowledge of golf history is correct, I believe music was first introduced to the golf course by a Mr. Al Czervik at Bushwood Country Club in 1980, however I don't think golf was quite ready for his antics yet. 

Now I’ll admit that I have been doing this with friends for a few years. But it started off just as some quiet music to listen to in the cart, played from our phones, no speakers. We didn’t want to upset anyone else we were playing with, even if they were in our regular foursome. 

Although blurry, Symlie seems to be enjoying himself at SB2K17 dancing on his golf cart, while friends Jordan and Justin are safely on the ground.

Enter SB2K16. Music on the course has since exploded! Rickie, JT, Smylie, and Jordan opened golfers – and the sports world’s – eyes when they visited the Bahamas for a little R&R, snapchatting their cocktail drinking, shirtless, shoeless, music-filled rounds at Baker’s Bay. 

Now we don’t have the luxuries that these wealthy young golfers have. We need to remain clothed (probably best for humanity) and wear shoes. But golfers have been downing a few on the course probably since the game’s birth — cheers Scotland! The only thing left to add was music, and it’s now become a staple in many weekend groups. 

Golf is slowly softening its image, and introducing music gives it a less stuffy exterior. It doesn’t get much better than friends, some drinks, Golf & Music.

 The Golf & Music Tee

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