What is a Weekend Warrior?

We all have busy lives – jobs, families, and countless other major responsibilities. Yet we look forward each weekend to teeing it up with our regular foursomes, or those who we have never met before. Our only goal for those four hours is to play our best, try to shoot our lowest score, knowing we don't put in the necessary time needed to really improve.  Despite that, the determination to do so is still there. That is the definition of a weekend warrior. We understand that improving our games in the time we have to devote to it will be hard, but it will never deter our desire to do so. And we know that no matter the outcome, we've had fun battling, and we'll certainly be back for more!

My Dad and I on the Swilcan Bridge, St. AndrewsAbout Me

I’ve been playing golf for 25 years. It has given me my highest highs -- a two week trip to Scotland with my dad -- and some of my lowest lows. It has taught me patience, determination and resilience, to respect others, and to respect myself. I owe much of who I am as person to the game of golf, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Golf often, especially in the past, has had the image of a game for old folks with fat asses, washed up athletes, or those looking to make a business deal outside of a board room. Golfers were “dweebs” and “dorks”, a perfect sport to take a nap to on a lazy Sunday (Ok, so I’m guilty of the nap).

Tiger helped broaden the game, opening it up to those who couldn’t afford to play. Now Jordan, Rory, Rickie, Jason and countless others are making golf cool. Flat bill hats, jogger pants, collarless shirts, high-top golf shoes; golf is finally joining the modern era of fashion.

Weekend Warrior is a casual lifestyle brand focused on creating golf themed graphic apparel for everyday wear. No more “I’d tap that” tees, or “I’d rather be playing golf” designs. The attitude towards golf is changing and it’s time we join the other world sports and share our love for the game through modern design.